The Northumberland Day Food Bank Challenge & FB Cup

In 2022, we know things are really tough for many.  Northumberland Day has always tried to reach out to and included everyone and, this year, we want to do so more than ever, assisting those people most in need of a little help and kindness.

For this reason, we are launching our Northumberland Day Food Bank Challenge, asking those in the county who have the means to help others, to do just that.

We want to swell the donations to Food Banks across the county (and in Newcastle too, as we know how many people in the city consider themselves Northumbrian).

To do this, we simply want you to focus on two things:

– Red foods

– Yellow Foods

Here is how you can help.

We would like to see Northumberland Day donations in the county colours, generated by individuals, schools, businesses, families – anyone with the means to do so. This should help food banks to get some of the items that are most useful to them.

Here are some ideas of items that food banks could handle:

Red foods Yellow foods
Tomato soup Tinned sweetcorn
Pickled beetroot Tinned pineapple
Canned/dried red lentils Cornflakes
Canned ratatouille Biscuits
Tinned sardines in tomato sauce Instant pasta
Strawberry jam Yellow-coloured washing up liquid
Biscuits with red centres/decoration Packet pilau rice
Tinned strawberries Canned chickpeas
Tinned raspberries Tinned pears
Red-coloured washing up liquid Tinned grapefruit
Tinned tomatoes/tomatoes in carton Tinned custard
Tinned cherries Lemon curd
Bottled red peppers Lemon chicken sauce
Bottled red cabbage Tinned macaroni cheese
Tinned rhubarb Cheesy pasta baby pouch
Packet tomato puree Cheesy veg with pasta baby food
Tinned meat Tinned potatoes
Spaghetti Hoops/Tinned Spaghetti Tinned butter beans/cannellini beans
Bolognese Sauce Tinned bamboo shoots
Tomato-based baby food Golden vegetable soup
Tinned corned beef/ham Tinned jackfruit
Red kidney beans Packet couscous
Red salmon Packet polenta
Pickled red cabbage Sunflower oil spray
Red jelly Yellow jelly
Chilli seasoning Jar of mustard
Tomato sauce Honey

All of these foods would be appreciated by someone.

By focusing on colours, we should remember to pick something up that we can donate, when we go shopping.

The FB Cup

To inspire Food Bank donations in red and yellow colours, from now until Northumberland Day, we are creating our own version of the FA Cup, the FB Cup.

Here’s how it works:

We will keep a running total of what has been donated by those representing each ‘team’ and will declare the winners after the first ‘round’.  Eight teams will be knocked out at that stage.

The totals of donations will be carried forward between rounds but each team’s players will need to keep donating if they wish to win our special FB Cup trophy.

We will also present that trophy to someone/some people who have donated and sent us their details of their donation, so it could be you, or your school or business.


The dates of each round will be:

Dates Number of games
w/c 16 May – 8 games (16 teams become 8)
w/c 30 May – 4 games (8 teams become 4)
w/c 6 June – 2 games (4 teams become 2)
w/c 13 June – 2 teams play, to determine the winner


Team Name Team Name
Alnwick, & Alnmouth Longhorseley, Longframlington & Felton
Ashington & Ellington Morpeth & Pegswood
Berwick & Border Ponteland & Belsay
Blyth, Bedlington & Cramlington Prudhoe, Ovingham & Heddon
Boulmer, Craster, Howick & Newton by the Sea Rothbury, Otterburn & Bellingham
Chillingham & Wooler Seahouses, Beadnell, Bamburgh & Holy Island
Haltwhistle & Haydon Bridge Warkworth & Amble
Hexham & Corbridge Newbiggin-by-the-Sea and Lynemouth

First round ties (May 16-30) are:


Warkworth and Amble v Haltwhistle and Haydon Bridge

Chillingham and Wooler v Ponteland and Belsay

Berwick and Border v Morpeth and Pegswood

Ashington and Ellington v Blyth, Bedlington and Cramlington

Hexham and Corbridge v Rothbury, Otterburn and Bellingham

Newbiggin-on-Sea and Lynemouth v Alnwick and Alnmouth

Boulmer, Craster, Howick and Newton-by-the-Sea v Seahouses, Beadnell, Bamburgh and Holy Island

Prudhoe, Ovingham and Heddon v Longhorsely, Longframlington and Felton

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