The countdown to this year’s Northumberland Day – Sunday May 24 – has begun in style, with a unique Northumberland Day CD produced by the organisers, to sum up everything that the day brings to life in the county and the aspects that it celebrates.


The Northumberland Day greatest hits compilation comprises 15 tracks, by leading artists, and some of the best ‘tunes’ in the music world.  All tracks are instantly recognisable and sure to put the pop and rock into party.


The CD has already become a competition prize on Northumberland Day’s social media channels, where clues to each track have been provided.  The reasons for the choice of each track is as important as the tracks themselves, however.


Tracks 1 and 2 are ‘Lovely Day’ by soul & R&B singer, Bill Withers, and ‘Beautiful Day’ by Irish rockers U2.  Both could describe the past three Northumberland Day celebrations, which have seen thousands of people making memories and having fun, whilst celebrating the county day not just on the day itself, but in the 10 days or so leading up to it too.


Track 3 is Sunday Girl by Blondie, a great choice given that Northumberland Day is always the Sunday before the Northumberland County Show.  Track 4 is Perfect Day by Lou Reed, with the lyrics of this song perhaps summing up a typical Northumberland Day for many, particularly in villages like Beadnell, Norham and Haydon Bridge, where the community has come together to celebrate.


Track 5 is Coldplay’s Yellow, whilst track 6 is the iconic 99 Red Balloons by Nena. These tracks reference the county colours of yellow and red, in which many schoolchildren dress, in the run-up to the county day.


Track 7 Have a Nice Day, by Welsh legends, The Stereophonics, is what the organisers of Northumberland Day wish everyone who is getting involved by doing their bit to celebrate, whilst track 8, One Fine Day by 60s band, The Chiffons, refers to the weather conditions all who are organising outdoor activities wish for on the county day.


Tracks 9 to 15 focus on the joy that Northumberland Day has brought to communities that have come together in shared celebration and the pride in the county that is shown in each and every Northumberland Day event, no matter how large or small.


Track 9 is ‘Get the Party Started’ by Pink, whilst Track 10 is Praise You, by Fatboy Slim.  Fittingly, track 11 is Proud by Heather Small, featuring the question that all residents of Northumberland could be asked on Northumberland Day – ‘What have you done today to make you feel proud?”


Track 12 is what Northumberland Day is all about – Celebration – sung by Kool and the Gang.  Track 13 is the plea of all those who love the sense of community and fun that Northumberland Day brings – Don’t Stop Me Now – by Queen.  In the same vein, Track 14 is Good Times by the legends that are Chic and Nile Rodgers.


And, finally, track 15 is the ultimate knees-up song on the one hand but also a song that conveys much about Northumberland Day.  Fans of the song will know it features someone in a ‘pretty red dress’, as many Northumberland Day celebrants are on Northumberland Day, but also includes a call to action.  The song is ‘Come on Eileen’, and is a call to all the ‘Eileens’ and others, no matter who they are, who can get involved, get together with others in their community and feel part of the shared joy of having something in common – the fantastic county of Northumberland.

This iconic party song is a fitting upbeat end to a CD celebrating all that is positive about Northumberland Day.


Whilst the CD has been put together for promotional use and will not be on sale, it will be made available to some of those getting involved with Northumberland Day 2020 in a number of ways.  It is already getting engagement on social media and communicating the essence of the county day.


Northumberland Day organiser, Jane Hunt, says: “We are an independent initiative not funded by, or tied to, any authority or public body and so fitting producers of our own CD under our own ‘indie’ label.


“We want music and community to be at the heart of Northumberland Day 2020 and the CD is our first means of doing that.  It features 15 cracking tracks and should get parties started in the schools, homes and businesses lucky enough to win one.  But more importantly, we hope it conveys the spirit, fun and coming together that Northumberland Day promotes.  We hope it will generate FOMO and allow us to get even more people involved.”


More information about Northumberland Day is available at and the days Facebook and Twitter pages.  Initiatives will be rolling out across the next four months as the initiative, which scooped its sixth marketing and PR award in November, aims to reach out to even more communities, businesses and individuals.


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