Whilst this is a very different year for us, Northumberland Day 2020 will be celebrated on Sunday May 24 in a compliant and fun way, as we focus on giving all of you things to do, think about and share.

We, of course, need to stay alert but we know that proud Northumbrians can still celebrate the county by hanging out and flying the Northumberland flag, decorating windows, dressing in red and yellow colours and taking pictures wherever it is possible to do so at the present time.

Download the Northumberland Day 2020 logo

For this unprecedented year, we have created a special social media asset, which is available on our 2020 page at www.northumberlandday.co.uk This references the red and yellow heart in our Northumberland Day logo and carries a message that reads “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

This message can be downloaded and used by anyone wishing to send a message of thanks to someone they love, someone who has nursed or supported them, or someone who has shown great kindness and community spirit.  If you use #NorthumberlandDay on Twitter or mention Northumberland Day in your Facebook post, we should be able to create a sea of thankfulness on Northumberland Day in which everyone can share.

Our new ‘2020’ page also has a quiz that is our Northumberland Day’s thank you to the passionate businesses, schools and individuals who have helped make the past three Northumberland Days so successful.

Each of the 30 quiz questions relates to someone who has been a part of previous Northumberland Days.  We want you avid quizzers to find answers at the websites or social media pages of these people and businesses.  Why not then  bookmark these, so you can  visit or support the businesses, when times are better?

The 30-question total reflects the fact that Northumberland Day 2021 will take place on May 30th 2021.  We are looking forwards, not backwards and have a  £100 Amazon voucher for one winner.

We have also had our mascot, Northumbear, pen  a special message to kids.  He is trying to keep their spirits up and raise a smile, so do let your kids read it.  You will also  find details of a Northumberland Day writing competition, with a prize for the winner in each of three age groups.  There is also a Northumberland Day wordsquare to tackle and other fun diversions.

Northumbear will also be up to his fun antics again, in another ‘Where was Northumbear?’ competition on social media and on Northumbear’s new Instagram account.  Last year’s competition was phenomenally popular, as the locations our loveable bear had visited were guessed over a number of days.

Parents struggling with fresh ideas for home schooling, or ways to entertain the kids, can take advantage of the two education packs that are available on Northumberland Day’s education page.  These cover a variety of topics, all linked to the county of Northumberland.

And for adults, we have created a brilliant Northumberland Day Pub Quiz.  So, brush up on your Northumberfacts, sharpen your wits and join us on Northumberland Day itself, Sunday 24th May at 6.00pm online.

All you need is a computer that will play sound, or two smartphones or tablets. There will be a live quiz master asking Northumberland-related questions on Facebook live on the Northumberland Day page and multiple-choice answers to complete online. You will be able to find the link to the multiple-choice answers on Facebook from 6pm on Northumberland Day and you will have to fill in your name and contact details in case you win.

Winners and runners up will be rewarded with a variety of prizes including a £50 Amazon voucher, a contemporary chess set and some boozy prizes courtesy of ‘Taste of Northumbria’ in Alnwick.

There are further details on the Northumberland Day page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NorthumberlandDay

Northumberland Day organiser, Jane Hunt, says: “Our original plans may have been postponed until next year, but we have created a lot of fun things to do, so that everyone can celebrate.  Northumberland Day is all about a strong community displaying its pride in its county and that can be done from home, outside front doorsteps and through window displays. Just make a flag or hang one from a window, take part in what is being provided and send messages to friends and family on Northumberland Day via social media. We can still all do something to celebrate on Sunday May 24.”

Head to www.northumberlandday.co.uk and the 2020 page, to find all the resources and information that will allow you to be part of this year’s rather different county day celebration.”



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