Take Part


  • Spread the word. Put information on your website, in your newsletters, on leaflets in your shop, on noticeboards.  Always use the hashtag #NorthumberlandDay


  • Take part in our Northumberland Flag Challenge
  • Dress in yellow and red for the day!  We want to turn the whole county yellow and red on Northumberland Day and the period leading up to it!
  • Decorate your house, attraction, shop window in yellow and red
  • Create the ‘biggest’, ‘smallest’, ‘heaviest’, Northumberland something and share pics
  • Stage a Northumbrian world record
  • Hang out bunting and flags 
  • Create a very special Northumbrian delicacy and tell us all about it
  • Create a new dish or product rooted in Northumberland’s heritage and tell us about it on our podcast
  • Put on a Northumberland menu in your eatery (if allowed to open)
  • Create a new tipple, cocktail or special brew in celebration of Northumberland Day
  • Use Northumbrian dialect and words for the day & teach others their meaning!
  • Lay on a sporting challenge that has its roots in Northumbrian heritage or play a game in red an yellow for the day
  • Dress up – St Oswald or Grace Darling … the choice is yours!


  • Arrange a natural tourism event – a wildlife or countryside walk, pond dipping, squirrel seeking, bat walk, special dark skies experience


  • Re-enact something from Northumbrian history in your home!
  • Put Northumbrian flags on your vehicles
  • Light up your building in Northumberland’s colours
  • Learn something new about your county and share it with others via the hashtag #NorthumberlandDay
  • Introduce your customers or visitors to the sound of the Northumbrian pipes
  • Decorate an area via yarn bombing; tree decoration, bunting 
  • Knit the longest Northumbrian scarf!
  • Ask your pupils or customers to write a poem about Northumberland or create a piece of art that depicts Northumberland
  • Create a Northumberland mosaic out of beach glass


  • Run a competition in conjunction with us
  • Create a piece of art inspired by Northumbrian culture
  • Name things after famous Northumbrians for the week
  • Hook up with other businesses and have a virtual ‘trail’ or a ‘treasure hunt’ between businesses, with details on your websites.
  • Put the Northumberland flag over your face on your Facebook page.
  • Paint rocks to celebrate Northumberland Day (but don’t pinch them from the beach!)
  • Create a Northumberland outfit
  • Dress your dog up in Northumberland colours
  • Have a yellow and red non-uniform day in school
  • Wear a yellow and red wig
  • Offer to take part in an email exchange with residents of Northumberland USA, Canada and Australia, to tell them all about your Northumberland and find out about theirs




  • Follow us on social media and share all we are doing. You can use our home page symbols, to find the sites.  Remember to include the hashtag #NorthumberlandDay



​Leading up to Northumberland Day 2023, we would like to see ambitious and passionate Northumbrians once again taking up a Northumberland Flag Challenge.  Get the Northumberland flag into unexpected places and photograph it there, whether it is on a beach in Australia, a sunbed in Magaluf, or on top of a mountain.  Let’s get the flag pictured everywhere and talked about worldwide!  Flags can be bought on Amazon, if you need to get one!


We want to see as many people as possible turning Northumberland yellow and red in celebration of Northumberland Day 2023.   Dress your hair, your face, your shop windows, your cars, your bicycles, garden borders and much more in yellow and red and don’t forget to take those special coloured outfits out of the wardrobe on the day,  We, of course, have our brilliant Northumbie Awards to reward those who go the extra mile whilst celebrating the county day.  Could you be a winner?


​Are you a proud Northumbrian business or entrepreneur, wishing to show your pride for your county through sponsorship?  If so, we can create a package to suit your budget.  Please contact Jane Hunt, at Catapult PR, on 01253 446925 – jane@catapultpr.co.uk  to discuss any thoughts that you have.
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