The Northumberlandia Gathering & Rock Hunt

The Northumberlandia Gathering & Rock Hunt

On Sunday May 28, Northumberland Day will be celebrated with a special photo and event, taken at Northumberlandia, near Cramlington. 

We are delighted to be able to welcome Mayor of Cramlington, Helen Morris on the day, but anyone can join in!

Come along waving Northumberland flags, or with red and yellow decorations or clothing and we should get a brilliant photo!

For this photo, we’d also like to invite community groups, parishes and representatives of towns/villages in Northumberland to demonstrate their history, heritage or identity, by putting on a bit of a show.

We’d love to fill one of the paths at Northumberlandia with individuals who are acting as ambassadors for their parish and highlighting some of the things that make their parish special, so that Northumberland Day 2023 can help celebrate it.

The parish or community group that stands out, will be awarded our special Northumbie Award for ‘Best Parish Celebration’.

Once the photo is taken, we will select a ‘face from the photo’ who will be selected at random and who will win a £100 voucher.  A child in the photo will also be selected at random and will win an Oswaldain Bear.  This is the cheeky young brother of our mascot, Northumbear, and is a very special prize.

Be there at 11am prompt, so you do not miss out!


We’d also really appreciate it, if we could have a few volunteers, to get folk in the right place, at the right time, for the photo.  Anyone with First Aid training would be most welcome!

Northumberland Day Rock Hunt

In addition, we shall have a Northumberland Day Rock Hunt, taking place in the woodland area, to the right, if you are approaching Northumberlandia from the car park.  Special Northumberland Day rocks have been painted and you need to find them.

This will start just after 11am in the woodland area near the Northumberlandia car park.  Find a rock, take a picture of yourself and post it on social media, tagging in Northumberland Day and using hashtag #NorthumberlandDay and you could be one of 10 lucky winners of a £10 voucher.

The rock hunt will be at Northumberlandia until 12.30pm.

Do keep an eye out elsewhere in Northumberland, however, as some of our special rocks may have been hidden in other locations!

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