The Northumbies

The Northumbies

The ‘Northumbies’ are very special, sponsored awards, made especially for Northumberland Day by hugely talented local fused glass artist, Helen Grierson (as pictured in the slideshow).

These stunning, handmade awards include references to both Northumberland’s flag, and its heritage and natural beauty, and reward those who have made an extra-special effort to celebrate the special county day.

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The Northumbies 2022

We are delighted to announce that our wonderful Northumbie Awards will be back for 2022, rewarding participants in Northumberland Day for their efforts in staging activity, whether that is in schools, around events, via food launches, through decorating premises and offering special things to do or by virtue of having done something fabulous within the community.

Northumbie Awards for 2022 will be awarded for:


Best Community Involvement Award

This Northumbie will go to whichever we feel has been the most passionate community across Northumberland, demonstrating and showing its true love for the county.  Community could be defined as a village, town, church, volunteer group or community scheme.


The Jill Bradbury Award for Most Passionate School 

This Northumbie will go to the school that goes the extra mile for Northumberland Day, demonstrating the true passion and dedication of the team of teachers and the enthusiasm of all pupils and exuding colour throughout the classrooms.


Best Foodie Themed Celebration

This award will go to the best food-focused celebration, which combines food, decoration and maybe a few other things, in celebration of Northumberland Day.


Best Hospitality, Tourism or Retail Outlet

This award will go to the hotel, B&B, pub, restaurant, tearoom, cafe, catering or retail outlet, or visitor attraction, which puts on the best show for Northumberland Day 2022.


Above and Beyond Special Recognition Award (this category will be available if we secure a sponsor)

This award will go an individual who has shown their true passion for Northumberland Day and rallied support for the day in their own inimitable way.  The winner will follow in the footsteps of some true superstar winners of this award.


Anyone wishing to become a sponsor of an award should contact Jane Hunt on 01253 446925 or email

Please note we have the right to not award a Northumbie in categories in which there are insufficient entries from which to award a worthy winner.

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